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    After the initial joy of finally upgrading to webOS 2.x with new Pre2, Gmail and other email worked normally initially. However, since Sat, Gmail has stopped retrieving new emails. I still seem to be able to make and send an email. Other email client works fine. I have tried deleting and re-creating Gmail account but nothing seems to work. Help please!

    As for Media problem, I have been unable to read MP3, videos, photos or even set a wallpaper other than default ones using native player despite transferring these files on to phone. Using Internals, I can play music and video directly.). One of the frustrating parts about taking photos is that after being taken, I can see mini sample in corner but tapping it does not open picture to give me option to share it. I read elsewhere this is a Media Indexer bug but how come no one, esp HP, has yet to fix it!

    Finally, I use the Bluetooth to pair up with handsfree device in my car. The old Pre minus and then Pre plus both could do it after being asked to enter a 4 digit code. But with Pre2, it finds the device but when attempting to connect, it just says Pairing Failed without asking for the pin.

    EDIT: Media problem fixed by deleting "filenotify.db3" using internals and rebooting.

    Sadly, still stuck with gmail problem. Any help please?
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