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    I'm one of those Sprint users that are looking at either having to jump carriers or franken a Pre if I want to stay. I do have my old Pre- that I haven't yet been able to part with yet so all I'd really need to do is find a Pre2 (or Pre3) to do my franken-ing (for some reason that sounds dirty).

    Anyway, my question is... since my Pre- currently has no service, if I do decide to franken a Pre will I need to reactivate the phone before I try to franken it, or should I be able to go through the steps and then try to contact Sprint to port my number back over to it? What is the best way to proceed? Thanks!
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    You'll need to reactivate your original Pre before doing the surgery. And forget about holding out for a FrankenPre3, as it most certainly won't be compatible.
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