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    And this isnt freezes that I can grey sym r to restart, it seems to happen all of a sudden when the phone screen has been off for a few minutes and then the phone itself is unresponsive to anything, and I have to do a battery pull. I plan on doctering it tomorrow, but any way I can find out whats causing the crashes (forgot how to find crash logs) and I have not installed any new patches or kernels (though I have had uberkernel running for a few months but still at 1ghz) since a few weeks ago and up until now everything has been fine.
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    sounds like could be a few things

    first guess would be hardware malfunction, unlikely

    second would be patch conflict

    third would be a certain app you use regularly could be causing it

    if you use exhibition, any apps that use exhibition are left open in BG

    if the app has an issue.......... well that could be causing reboot
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    what version and carier?
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    what version and carier?
    2.1 and unlocked (but on O2 uk)

    well I guess it was okay timing anyways, I was sending the phone to palm to be repaired for the headset jack not working right and some oreo, so decided to doctor the phone, and I think its solved it, though the doctoring did fail about 2 times before it decided to work

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