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    some days ago i had my pre2 on a pocket. after some hours i taked my pre2 from my pocket and .....

    i see that my pre2 was erased, fully erased!!!! i lost my photos and much more....

    after that i try to erase voluntarily and i found that it is too simple erase this device.

    i had a PIN lock after 2minutes.

    i think that it is better, before the erase procedure, to ask the PIN and if the PIN is accepted to erase the device.

    it is a small enhancement but VERY useful.

    do you think there are another explanation of this issue?


    PS: i hope than HP developers will take action about this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soldato2000 View Post

    PS: i hope than HP developers will take action about this issue.
    Did you report it the HP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    Did you report it the HP?
    no, not yet. do you think that this is important?
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    If it is important to you, then it is important. Although several HP employees read the forums, I'm not sure that they get to every post. The best way to ensure that HP knows about it is to report it directly.
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    If you want HP to do something about this, yes, you should report this. Although HP:ers do read this forum, the info doesn't necessarily reach the developers. The more people report this kind of issues through tech support, the more visibility they gets in the right places, consequently the better chance to get something done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    If it is important to you, then it is important. Although several HP employees read the forums, I'm not sure that they get to every post. The best way to ensure that HP knows about it is to report it directly.

    it is important for us!

    but some month ago i ask to Palm support how can we hide the SIM contacts and i don't receive a good answer.......

    i think that our voice is not considered, this is my impression.

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    I have found this issue a few times on my Palm (both 1.4.5 and 2.1) over time. It wasn't until I was doing yard work that I understood the cause. When you have the phone in PIN mode, most actions take the screen to the PIN entry and not to the "slide button". Depending on variables, you only have a given number of PIN attempts before it factory defaults (+1 hour and lost data). This happens if you have the phone playing music and you get a text message. I know as I've encountered it while being active and having the phone in my pocket. Once, I am certain from sliding in my pocket enough to advance to the PIN screen. The other time, I was listening to music and ignored a text. In both cases, my phone stopped playing music and I was greeted with a wonderful "Erasing" message.

    If you put the phone in any mode but "PIN" mode for security, this doesn't happen (no PIN, bypass PIN or passcode. However, if you use the "password" mode, you need to type your passcode on the keypad everytime you want to use your phone which is annoying for a touchscreen.

    I'm new to PreCentral, so if anyone has any ability to get a message to a developer, this is a relatively huge issue. I'm sure one of those guys/girls can create a patch that takes the phone to the "slide" screen in every situation except for when you receive an incoming call. All other OS's behave in this fashion.

    I've been using PreWare for some time and have resolved any issues and added features. It is an amazing resource. I'm really hoping someone can patch this issue and post it there. I'm certain that others have this problem.
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    I had exactly the same issue this morning and I'm furious, especially as I'm an HP employee and the Pre 2 is my work supplied phone.

    I was cutting the grass listening to my music as I have done several times before when my music stopped. I checked my phone and it looked to be rebooting. I didnt pay much attention to this as it has done this before. After a few minutes I checked again with the intention of restarting my music when I saw the "Erasing" screen. I tried removing the SIM card, battery, all the usual stuff but as soon as it was powered back on again, the message returned.

    At the moment its still "erasing" but I'm assuming that when it does finally finish I will have lost everything, including purchased applications ad phone contacts.

    It is hard for me to express my annoyance at this without using inappropriate language.
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    I have experienced this 3 times now. With my Pre2 in my pocket. It's very annoying. Full accidental erase. And I lose all my photos. Getting my Pre2 back up again is very smooth, thanks to the Palm Profile, but you don't get photos, documents or music. Such content is lost.

    Before the "erasing" functionality launches, there should be some security mechanism like confirming with "yes" in writing.
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    Not trying to sound bad, but how in the heck are you folks getting your phone erased while in the pocket? I've never heard of this happening before with the Pre- or Pre+, and this is the first I have heard of it on the Pre 2. I used to carry my Pre+ in my pocket all the time until I kept dropping it while pulling it out of my pocket (I then got a belt case that my Pre 2 is now using). The list of menus and options you need to go through to get to the erasure screen is quite high. Are you guys sure nobody's high jacked your Palm Profile?
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    I don't understand how you guys are getting the phone fully erased. This is how it happens:Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Screen lock is on, and I've forgotten my PIN or password

    So at what point do these three button get pressed for 10 seconds on the PIN screen or is it some kind of glitch?

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    My phone got erased TWICE, while it was in my pocket. I don't know how it can happen except that for some strange reason the buttons Option + Sym + power are pressed while the slider is closed.

    I doubt even that it makes sense to inform HP, since they will not be investing anymore.
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    And I just experienced seeing "erasing" now for the forth time. Phone in my pocket. I've automatic screen lock, PIN protected. Slider closed. Grrr.

    Searching for erasing I notice more devices have the same issue.
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    Hmm. Definitely worth anyone with the issue reporting directly.

    I agree it sounds very suspicious this would happen in your pocket, but could easily be triggered remotely. Perhaps your profile data is on the loose or there's a glitch on HP's end? Weird...
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    Or a little more sleuthing turns this up from a few months back:

    Does webOS 2 really wipe if you fail enough PIN unlocks? Yeesh. That's some kinda secure, but I suppose it's to ensure no one hooks it up to a PC and yoinks your data.

    And as one poster put there, one of the old suede-ish covers would probably help quite a bit. Added benefit of protecting your phone.

    Extra added benefit is it tends to neatly wipe off your screen when you pull it in and out (though that may have been more true of the Pre- that was curved on all edges).
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    Had same issue now separated by a few months. I doubt my pre 2 jostling in my pocket tried the pin 7 times and initiated the hard reset process. I am irritated that I have to reload preware and everything.
    Any idea is this a pre 2 bug? I had a pre + and never had this happen. It's a huge waste of time.
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    Does anyone have any tips on how to cancel the erase? I removed the battery and I am waiting. Thanks
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    I doubt you can cancel the erase, but please don't lose hope. I'm thinking that a backup of the device can be made in memload mode, and then the erase could be allowed to complete.

    While I can't really give you the directions right now, i'll be back to post them or someone else will
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    So i'm back and here is a link to the process:

    Now, this is difficult, and you really have my sympathy... but i feel it never hurts to try, because the other option is to simply lose everything. If this succeeds, then we'll for the first time ever, have a solution to the "erasing" situation...

    What "secure erase" does is it overwrites all of your files with zeros .. 0 0 0 0... and so on. So, can you tell me how long it's been doing that? Because depending on what's still left, the result might not be as happy as you'd like... if it's been erasing for 20 minutes already, then we can still try to recover the files, but will have to be realistic....

    And here's a link for Metadoctor (Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internals), for the instructions on how to set up a copy of Ubuntu and do other MetaDoctor related things... so if you cross reference information between the two links i have given you, you can get started, and ask any questions you might have.

    So for now it's just a matter of setting everything up, but when you get to the point of hooking up the phone, let us know and don't do it yet

    And another thread on the subject of "memload"...

    I really hope someone comes along who has done this before and can give real "step by step" instructions
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    The erase can be canceled (remove everything in /var/.flags), but there's almost no chance for recovering files if the wipe has been going on for more than a few seconds. Use TestDisk if you want to have a try.

    Note /var has not been erased, but it's probably impossible to access the file cache and application databases because the keys would have been deleted (that is if I read the mounting script right).
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