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    So you mean, like what... installing Ubuntu and accessing the device under recovery mode?

    Because even what i personally said is too vague for a newbie, and i could have been clearer but have never done this before.

    Or is this done via commandline using Novaterm?

    I don't feel like wiping my phone just to find out
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    To get rid of the flags open novaterm and enter
    rm -r /var/.flags/*
    TestDisk either needs to be downloaded from somewhere or cross compiled with the PDK. Apparently Arch Linux has a build for ARMv7. I don't know what dependencies are required. Once obtained, tar up the needed files, memboot, novacom put the files, open a shell with novaterm and untar the files, and run TestDisk. I wouldn't expect a beginner to figure that out, though.
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