I'm running a Pre2 on verizon wit the webos 2.0.1.

I've *always* had a glitchy video player. It might play back 3-4 videos before it gives me a pop-up error when you try to get it to play a video. I don't know how else ot fix it other than a reboot.

But I've had another problem recently. I've recorded a couple >10mb videos and they play back fine on the Pre2 (other than the glitch above which is unrelated to file size). But both videos, when copied via usb in usb drive mode to my PC the video somehow becomes an unrecognized file format and wondows media player won't play it. Other videos, typically <2mb, will copy and playback just fine on my desktop.

I plan to try and email the file and maybe that method of transmission might not yield this problem, but I wanted ot ask if anyone has had this problem or might have some ideas on a solution?