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    Hello everyone,

    just recentlyI decided to do a full wipe of my pre 2 (vzw 2.0.1) just so I can start fresh and clean. But ever since then when ever I DL an app from the market the phone reboots. it only seems to happen in the market and haven't come across this in any other instance. Has anyone heard or seen this? If so any words of wisedom would be GREATly appreciated.

    I tried pulling the battery just for good measure (that always seemed to work when I had issues with my old BB.)
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    I did the same to mine, no problems with downloads. Hope someone else has better info.
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    Try doctoring the phone or removing patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marclh1992 View Post
    Try doctoring the phone or removing patches.
    So just remove the patches or wack the whole device and have the OS installed from scratch again?

    Or both?

    Pardon me but I never owned a WebOS phone before so I am not up to par with WebOS lingo as of yet.

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