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    Is there any way to disable voice dialing completely? Every time the app launches, the system sounds stop working which are more important to me. I have to reboot the phone for them to start working again. I wouldn't worry much about it except every time I plug a line cord into the headphone jack, the voice dialing app comes up (I know, ***?). I listen to music all day connected through an amp so I also need the system sounds coming through. Any way to fix this or at least make it so the voice dialing app doesn't open every time it senses an impedance change on the headset jack? My old Pre- would switch songs sporadically if you wiggled the line cord. Very weird stuff.
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    I have the same problem. This is a major bug in 2.1. I wonder if it will ever get fixed?
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    Ditto here. Looking for a fix.

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