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    I am trying to open my "Photos" applicaiotn on my new Pre2 and I ahve no other accoutns (like facebook) tied to it, but it jsut clocks. (spinning circle).

    Any ideas of how to reset, to what to do? I have a pic I took with the camera, and one I saved from email that I would like to be able to accesss.
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    any patches installed? What version of webOS?
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    no pathces or homeprew/preware apps. Just pallin old phone.

    the system Updates setting says my phone is up to date, HP WebOS level 2.1.

    software manager says no updates pending.
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    Hmmm...sorry, but nevermind. it has been doing this for days, and I have been having trouble deleting a couple of apps ("Pootie pants" -my son -, and "Precentral: - that seemed useless) .. I was JUST able to delte them and , viola, my photo app opened too.

    Thanks and apologize for wating anyones time reading this

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