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    So I've had my Pre's since 2009 I have a pre 2 on AT&T. I have always had 3 calendars: my profile (which I don't use for calendar dates) my one Google acct (which is my default) and a second Google account with is shared by my primary, plus the US holidays calendar. Today I woke up and all my 2nd shared Google events are missing forward and backwards. Every last one just vanished. Everything else is there; primary Google even the US Holidays comes up but not the second shared Google calendar. Note if I go to Google on any browser everything shows up like it supposed to it's only on the Pre 2 where it's missing.

    Anybody either experienced this or have any thoughts?

    Much appreciated-
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    update: I put a new event in my google cal using my mac's browser and it showed up on my Pre but still all the other events are not there??????

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