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    Im not saying this is the answer to everyone's problems....but definitely could be for some.

    So, If youve seen my other posts, Ive been having awful battery drain issues. It usually idles at -30 to -50ma drain (dr. battery). Sometimes it would drop 10% in 4 hours or 40% in 4 hours. I tried making sure everything was turned off, I tried airplane mode, I tried removing govnah, I tried removing other patches.....same issue constantly.

    I saw someone mention they were getting -3 to -8ma drain at idle (dr. battery) which is what I would expect but mine was much higher.

    I also noticed sometimes removing mine from the touchstone the back was HOT! (my pre- never got hot, so the pre2 getting super hot was a shock)

    So, I decided id take out my new palm branded battery (100% healthy per dr. battery) and switch it out with an offbrand replacement I had (that is new). I put it in and charged it up. It registers 96% battery health.

    So I gave her the ole test....let it go to idle, wake it up and then check the drain in dr. battery.

    First test I got -5ma!!!

    I thought this was a fluke so I tried it again.


    instead of the 10.88% battery drain average that dr. battery was showing before its now only showing 1.88% drain. So, currently, it appears there was an internal short or something in my battery causing insane drain AND causing charging to get super hot.

    Something thats worked for me that you might wanna try!

    (note: currently I suspect this is the fix for anyone thats getting -10ma < X < -100ma drain at idle)

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    Can you try surfing on WiFi and then 3g for a while and then let it idle. Mine is fine until u do something and then it starts its insomnia...
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    started dr. battery with 77% left last night. called my mom for and hour...let it sit overnight.

    just checked it and dr. battery shows 10 hours of run time and it went from 77% to 48% with a long phone call in there too.

    so far, so good!

    Audiovox SMT5600 (WM) --> Cingular 8125 (WM) --> Sprint Mogul 8525 (WM) --> Palm Pre (webOS)- --> Sprint Franken Pre2 (webOS) + 32gb Touchpad (webOS)

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