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    So I'm considering going with Franken Pre 2.

    I'm on my 5th Pre-. I have insurance with Sprint and each time when something broke, they replaced without much of a question. On avg, my pre lasts me about 6mo before something goes wrong. I'm not super anal about the phone but i don't trash it around. I just use it regularly. As we can all attest to, Pre hardware is pretty crappy.

    If I go Franken Pre 2, and after having spent a lot of money to get a Pre 2 in the first place, I will no longer be on warranty so it's not like I can just get a replacement. Even if Pre 2's build quality is better than Pre's, realistically, under regular usage, how long will it last before wear and tear starts setting in?

    That's what I'm trying to access right now... How's your Pre 2 holding up under "normal" usage?
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    That's impossible to answer as my Pre- is now 21 Months old and has zero issues.
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    Well, I've had my pre 2 for a couple months now and its still like new. The pre 2 is so much better than the original pre hardware wise and if you were to get one, you would see the difference. And I know how you feel about the pre-, I had about six or seven replacements for legitimate reasons.

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