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    I'm travelling for work this week and boarding a plane. All I see walking down the aisle are blackberry, iphone, and ipad. Then I spot this guy with a Pre 2. It's my first Pre 2 sighting ever. It looked sharp and tight. Now I'm thinking frankenpre 2 might not be such a bad idea...
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    If you're gonna stick with sprint, you really should go for it.
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    Definitely go for it being on Sprint.

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    My buddy has one and I like it compared to my Pre Plus.
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    I'm sooooooooooo happy I decided to do the Franken Pre2 on Sprint. I've very happy with the Pre2 and I can wait out this "Sprint not getting the Pre3" thing for quite some time.

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    Pre2 is smooth.
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    You will not regret it, the pre2 blows away any pre-
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    I'm glad I got my normal pre 2 for verizon lol

    I'm still looking forward to pre 3 but i'm way less bothered than I would be were I still using my Pixi+

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