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    so I recently traded my veer for a Pre2 and absolutely love it. But tonight I would receive calls and just the number would come up, not the contact name...any ideas?

    ps- it is an unlocked pre2 on att
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    Quote Originally Posted by urresidentcomedian View Post
    Do you have the contact names in the phone's "phonebook"?
    ya its all synced...I can see them in my contact list just when they call it shows up as only the number
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    This is a bug in webOS 2.0 - 2.1 Not sure if it's been fixed in Veer. You are probably not in one of the 15 default countries listed under "Regional Settings".

    Go to "Launcher" -> "System" -> "Regional Settings" -> "Phone Numbers". From the drop down list of 15 countries pick the country you are in if it's listed or pick "Others". You will be asked if you want to reboot for changes to be effective.

    If your location country is listed this will solve your problem. If you are in "Others" this may work for all or some numbers (please don't ask me why).

    Additional caveats:

    1. All contact numbers must be stored in +aaa bbb ccc cccc format.
    aaa = 2 or 3 digit country code
    bbb = 2 or 3 digit area code
    ccc = local number

    The spaces above between a's, b's and c's are just to clearly segregate. They will not be visible in contact edit mode.

    2. If you travel overseas you may or may not need to pick the country you are in again and reboot otherwise the Pre might mess up in recognising numbers from contacts db again.

    3. The above eccentricity applies to both incoming calls as well as text messages.

    Hope this helps.
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    thank you for the response. I went through the regional settings and everything was already set properly. As far as the way I input the numbers, I'm not so sure. It seems to work periodically and only in the incoming. Its nothing to serious just more of an annoyance.

    well hopefully the pre2 gets the 2.2 update...or better yet the pre3 gets released.

    FYI- I didn't seem to have the bug on my veer running 2.1.2

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