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    Well, I may have used another word instead of "oops" last night when this happened, but I can't use such language here

    Anyway, I am FINALLY on the Sprint Pre2 bus and so happy to be here... the pre2 is lightyears ahead of the Sprint pre! This will easily last me to the end of my contract next year (hopefully).

    As the title implies, I did mess up once during the comm board swap. As I was placing the Sprint comm board on the pre2, I had the toughest time trying to put the small white and black wires back in the channel. So tough in fact that I broke the white wire... grrrrr This happens to be the coax for the GPS. I've read that you don't want to mess with either of the coax's at all, but I had no choice. Luckily I bought a verizon pre2; the back bezel has the CDMA antennae, so I ended up putting that back on my frankenpre.

    So far, so good. I have similar voice and 3G signal reception compared to my Sprint pre and the GPS seems very accurate. The only issue I noticed on google maps when I zoomed way in, the blue dot was hoping around 30-50 ft around my house (I was inside at the time). In the car this AM, google maps had no issues tracking me to work though. I hope it continues to work without issue, because de-soldering and re-soldering that microscopic coax cable looks to be a near impossible task.
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    You should be fine with the verizon backbezel. AFAICT it's identical to the Sprint one.
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    the best thing i found to do, is after youve got the back all together, before you snap it together and put the screws back in, is take a very small flat blade screwdriver and reach up in there and just push them up in the channel then just click the bezels back together

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