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    OK very excited... just got my Unlocked GSM Pre 2, to go with my new touchpad. HOwever, I was expecting (based on a friends Pre+) there to be the ability to us the Pre 2 as a WiFi hotspot for my touch pad. It seems that capability is not in the Pre2? Really?!?!? Hrmpf!

    Anybody have other approaches to using the Pre 2 for internet connectivity for my Touchpad??
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    I use freeTether its a homebrew app- can tether via wireless/bluetooth/USB - this is on my stock Verizon Pre2 running 2.01
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    You'll need Preware installed to get freeTether. Look up webos internals for instructions on how to get Preware and you will be on your way
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    Is it MAC address blocking this? Or could I do like I did on my old Treo and copy the app over the existing one? It could be oversimplifying...

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