So after getting my nice new pre2 I of cource wanted to treat my little kingly device like it should. At first I cut the tab off of the installed stock screen cover- that is not meant to be used for anything other than keeping it nice during shipping- it soon ebbed up on the sides etc and I had to take it off..

All that time I was debating what screen protector to get.

I had a invisisheild by zagg on my Evo 4g- and yes it is like "OMG THE BEST PROTECTION" it felt like crap- the screen is like rubber with those things on them...

I have had generic 2$ for X amount of XYZ phone screen protector thats nothing more than a peice of plasic- keeps light scraches and feels smooth like plastic...but does not offer any "Real" protection if its dropped etc- these are fine for everyday phone in pocket light scuff protection.

I figured just get a 5 pack of crappy ebay screen protectors...while on ebay I found Steath Sheildz 2 for 4.50$ shipped or 3.50$ whatever- they also looked the best- with a cut out for the mic and speaker only- some screen protectors had un-needed cutouts for the light guages at the top and some even for the LED notification strip? why? stupid.

Anywho I found this review about steath sheildz and it seemed to be what I wanted.

Screen Protector Reviews. Zagg vs Phantom vs Stealth. - Android Forums

I must agree with the review on both the zagg and the sheildz

The sheildz seem to be- to me- like the zagg on the bottom- same type of applcation with water and stuff- but WAY WAY better on top- it feels better than the Zagg and smooth like the actual glass on the pre2- and WAY better in terms of smudges and fingerprints on the screen- it looks and feels smooth/clean all the time.

They are cheap, they are good, and had perfect fit...what more do you want?

If you are looking for a screen protector- I highly reccomend Stealth Sheildz