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    Hey All,

    I've been away from webOS for a while....loved my Pixi Plus, but just wanted a bigger screen. Went to Storm2 and recently picked up an OG Droid from Craigslist.

    I have a chance now to trade my Storm2 and $70 for a brand new Pre2. Is that a good deal? I'm inclined not to put in that much cash, I was thinking no more than $50....but if its a good deal I may do it.

    Also what is the deal with Preware now? I thought I heard that alot of its been blocked?

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    It's a great deal! Only the palm catalog feeds have been disabled by HP.

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    that is a fantastic deal. Sounds like the Pre2 must be broken at that price.
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    good deal in my opinion, better deal if you can knock it down to 50 bucks
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    That's a pretty good deal. A cursory search of my local craigslist shows the storm 2 going for about $100. Which means you'd be getting the Pre2 for the equivalent of $170. Assuming the Pre2 was in good working condition with a clean ESN, I'd definately take that deal.
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    OP says NEW pre2..

    IMO the storms are terribad- and I love my Pre2 WAY more than I already loved my Pre-

    170$ for a new pre2 = yes

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