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    Sprint user here and toying with an idea of owning a franken pre2. Let's say I get it and down the road, I want to sell it. What are my options in selling? Do I need to put it back to stock pre2 and sell it as that b/c you can't activate a franken pre2 on sprint without activating pre- first anyway...
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    I'm sure someone here will want to buy it.
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    You can activate it .. if you swapped the stickers or give the new owner the old pre's numbers..... I activated my pre+ after the board swap it took some time on the phone with sprint but they got it to work.
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    I'd love to buy a FrankenPre2(assuming it works), as I really want a Pre2 on Sprint. I'd be interested.
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    lol yea, I'm getting tempted too now.
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    If you plan to stay on sprint, just do it. Its a great phone.
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    I want android but the pre has a nice physical keyboard for texting, perfect for me. I'm a texting beast with my pre. So does the pre 2 keyboard work better?
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    The Sprint comm board that is inside it MUST BE ACTIVATED OUTSIDE THE PRE 2 FIRST, placed back inside the Pre 2 via surgery, then the meta doctor script that works for whatever combination you are using (Verizon Pre 2, unlocked Pre 2) can be run. If you don't do this, the only part that will work is the phone radio. You will not have data. Trust me on this. At this point there is no known way to activate a Sprint comm board inside of a Pre 2. If someone has figured out how to do that please enlighten us all.

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