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    Ok, so, in the instructions on webos internals, it makes it sound like the prl list is transferred over and to update it before converting

    but then theres this

    After applying 2.1.0 to a Sprint device using this method, there is currently no known way to update the PRL. There are permissions issues, and the conventional "Update Profile" and "Update PRL" from the Phone options will no longer work. The provisioner service binary from the Sprint 1.4.5 doctor does not work on webOS 2.x, so a version of that service for 2.x is required for this to ever work. It is not expected that this situation will change before Sprint releases another webOS phone running webOS 2.0 or above.
    1) Back up /var/lib/software/* before upgrading to webOS 2.1
    2) Restore /var/lib/software/* after upgrading to webOS 2.1
    3) Use PmModemUpdater to update your PRL.
    and then stuff on this:

    Sprint PRL Update - WebOS Internals

    so Im trying to figure out which it is....I updated it before the swap AND I did the backup /var/lib as per the block quote i posted and I did step 1-2 in the link....but I havent restored any of that back to the im trying to decide if the prl moved over with the sprint com board or if i have to restore my backed up prl info

    thanks in advance

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    you will need to restore it
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    I was also confused about this. I got my sprint pre2 working just fine. Do I even need to do anything with the PRL update stuff? I set my phone to never roam off the Sprint network in the settings.

    Not entirely clear on what the point of updating Pref. Roaming List if I do not plan on roaming off the Sprint network.

    Any help? Ideas?


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