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    I have a cool picture that I took with my Pre 2 a while back and would like to make a print to frame for my girlfriend. Can I go 5x7?
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    These two sites should be able to guide you:

    Megapixel Calculator - digital camera resolution |

    The first link above, making exact calculations based on the pre2's resolution, indicates at the bottom that you can easily go to 6.5x8.6 (height x width), and probably as high as 12.9x17.2 without much issue.

    To get a better idea in terms of real-world standard print sizes, I found a chart from B&H (pretty reputable source) shown in the link below. There it indicates (on the 5 Megapixel row) that you should actually be able to comfortably print as big as an 8x10 or potentially an 11x14 without much issue. These maximum standard sizes sound about right too since they fall in the range between the two calculated sizes from above.

    Digital Camera Resolution / Print Size Chart
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    If the image is sharp (meaning no camera shake) the images shot by the Pre could easily go 5x7.


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