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    I can't send any sms anymore from compiling a new sms icon in left bottom corner on the messaging screen. I can write it and then when I send it I get a timer it stays there for a while and then goes back to the normal sms screen with the last conversations and the message has not been sent. If basic things like these don't work on a Palm it really isn't a good phone. I have no patches or anything.

    I can still send an sms from a conversation (reply) or by going to contacts and click on the sms bubble next to mobile phone number but no longer from the 'messaging' area of my phone.

    This is bizarre. What can I do about this?
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    A few ideas... (These are not steps, just suggestions.) First, try a reboot. Then try updating your network settings from the phone app. Next try replacing the app itself with the stock app from the publicly available webOS doctor version you are using by extracting it and copying over the existing file (make a copy of the existing app file on your phone just to be safe before doing that). If all that fails... Doctor!
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    A restart worked. These phones are v prone to go wrong. I understand if things go wrong with the internet or the syncing (as that's complicated stuff where a lot of things can go wrong) but if you can't even do simple things anymore why we have mobile phones in the first place like sending a text then it becomes a bit ridiculous. They're sensitive things aren't they.

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