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    Just wanted to say that I went ahead and ordered a Palm Pre 2 to replace the Palm Pre Plus (Verizon). I thought about it quite a bit and although I was going to wait for the HP Pre 3; I decided to go after a really great and really under appreciated phone. Besides, this is the last one with Palm on the back, right? It should be here no later then Monday (07/18/2011). I also went ahead and went for the 2 year contract. It'll be very interesting to see what's out from HP by the time, I'm ready to order again!
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    Nice choice artwest50 I've been running the Pre2 now since late February and absolutely love it. It's a great size and built really well (compared to the original Pre I had). Enjoy the new phone when you get it!
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    I think I might be doing the same thing. I just can't wait any longer for the Pre3 to finally get released. Wish I could get a Pre2 on AT&T since its cheaper than Big Red but don't want to pay for an unlocked device. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you both, I believe that the screen is the perfect size for my purposes. I guess I'm hooked on this phone design and size. I played with it and a Motorola Droid Pro and a Motorola Droid 2 Global and I kept going back to the Pre 2. It's just that smooth and elegant when I'm playing with it. I do hope that the webos 2.1 update shows up soon though! -- Art
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    Glad to hear you guys like your Pre 2... I just bought one yesterday! I intend to FrankenPre it onto Sprint tonight. In addition to getting a well built, well performing handset, I also get to upgrade from my Pre- without incurring Sprint's $10/mo Premium Data fee! For me, that's a big win.
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    Congrats! I actually did the same thing today. I was thinking of switching to WP7 for the HTC Trophy but the deal I got was just too good on the Pre 2, plus I already have 3 touchstones and don't want to waste them.
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    I'm seriously considering the frankenpre 2 option. Will I be able to update it to v3.0 ??
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    They say it will. I don't see why it wouldn't be able to either since the Veer will get it.
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    hmm.. Tempting. No TTS though might push me to the veer.
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    One of the few positive things of the Pre3 delay is the fact that Pre2 is being more popular the past few weeks.
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    palm on the back. I like that too for a little bit of nostalgia
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    I've ordered one, again.

    I think I'm addicted.
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    I ordered one too......
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    I'm pretty sure this is the route I'm going as well. I just don't think I can do the Veer, I think the Pre/Pre 2 screen is about as small as I want to go.

    I'm thinking that I'll pick up a new/like new Pre 2 on eBay or craigslist and then if the Pre 3 actually materializes and is amazing, I'll sign a contract at that point.
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    Just want everyone to know, I just got my Palm Pre 2 and as nice as my Palm Pre + was; there's just no comparison! The keyboard alone on my new PP2 just blows the Palm Pre + away!!!!
    The build feels great and the speed is freakin! great!! I'm not sure how long the honeymoon is for, but I'm really happy right now. The Palm Logo is showing that I have Webos 2.0.1 (Confirmed after looking at my Device Info). My games and other apps showed up with no problems. Anyway, now to sit back a spell and how HP fares!

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