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    So- I bought a Pre2 and my friends old Galaxy S Verizon version- so I could set up a line for me and my wife on verizon before the 7th and lock in unlimited data- my line I swaped to the Pre2 while she is still on contract with sprint and wont move over untill its "offical" where the pre3 is landing- as ill move back to sprint if they somehow happen to get it.

    So I have been holding on to the Samsung and useing it along side my Pre2, I did not like the android experiance with my EVO...but figured I would use the thing along side my pre2.

    I am wanting to do a real world review putting the two side by side- as I belive they are close in their phone generation- aka "evenly matched" in terms of what their capabilities are- Both where new and factory fresh software wise and do not have bloated years of use and stuff on one and nothing but an email set up on the other..

    What things would you all like to see done in the review? what vs what on each phone do you want to see?

    So far I am thinking of doing a general WebOS vs Android- tasks- how long it takes to see a notification, act on it and resume what you where doing- or see a task and dismiss it etc etc

    Speed: Load X app on both, load X non cached webpage on both, do something while on a phone call with both

    stuff like that... what would you all like to see?

    So far, the Pre2 smokes the Galaxy s in everything- even loads games faster. But I really want to see once I record and timestamp stuff- what the real world working differance is between the two.

    edit: I will spell check things...I suck at spelling I know lol.
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    I have the same two phones on Verizon. After a week of using the pre 2 my Samsung is sitting in its box. The pre 2 smokes it in its ability to be used as a phone. I actually receive all my calls and texts with my pre. That is something my fascinate could never do. While the fascinate may have more bells and whistles the pre simply works.

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