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    HI just got a brand new palm pre 2 in uk delivered for 133 yesterday and love it. Everythings working fine except two things

    1st one a little phone icon with an arrow pointing away from it has appeared next to my phone signal in the top right hand corner. cannot find it any where in the manual.

    2nd When i plug it in to charge using the standard usb cable and charger I get the charging battery alarm in a constant loop.

    Can anyone please help.

    Cheers Simon
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    Welcome to PreCentral.

    The little phone with the arrow icon indicates that calls are being forwarded. I remember that a member posted about a problem dealing with the icon not going away when call forwarding was cancelled. I have a Pre 2 and have not experienced the problem and I've used call forwarding several times.

    Sorry I can't help you with the charging issue.
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    did you try a different cable? Also, plug it in to a PC (to test cable without wall adapter). Sounds like a loose connection - probably a bad cable.
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    Arrow pointing away: make sure you have a SIM card inserted and the phone switched on. Go to Phone menu, click on top right corner of screen to bring up the context menu, select "Preferences & Accounts". A new card will open up and update all your network related settings. There will be a setting for "Call Forwarding". If it is "ON" slide it to "OFF". In case it is "OFF" then slide it to "ON". Come out of menu. Reboot your phone. After it comes back on, go back to Phone preferences and slide phone preferences to "OFF" again. Hopefully this should reset the errant behaviour.

    Repeated charging signal: There is either a loose connection between one of the following -

    1. Your main electrical outlet and the charging plug.
    2. The micro USB plug and your Pre.
    3. The cable is faulty.

    Are you using the original OEM cable and USB to power plug converter? Some 3rd party converters do not have a compatible ratings and result in odd charging behaviour. I had one which would make my Pre touchscreen go haywire and give off intermittent charge on and off alerts when charging with a third party plug. As Cantaffordit suggested plugging cable into a PC to test charge should help to eliminate possible causes.

    Hope this helps! Oh and welcome to P|C and the wonderful world of webOS :-)
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    Hi Thank you to all that replied it was a great help. The icon was a call forwarding even though it was turned off. To resolve it you have to turn it on,input a number then turn it off. Then it disappears. if you don't it just stays there.

    As for the battery issue i just turned off and unplugged the battery then restarted the phone. I haven't had it since(touch wood)

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