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    So I've had my Pre 2 for a few months now, and I'm starting to have issues with the battery life...

    About every other day, I get super battery life. I take it off the touchstone around 8am and I am able to go until about 12-1am before it needs a charge. And that's with medium usage (texts, few calls, 2 push emails, ect).

    The other days, and it's usually when I hardly touch my phone, I get terrible battery life. It's usually dead on these days by 5-6pm.

    It's not exactly every other day, it just seems like it sometimes. Has anyone else had these kind of issues? I don't remember my Pre or Pre+ ever being this inconsistent.
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    Search the forums for NoDoze, "horrendous battery life" and "pre won't sleep". It sounds like you have this problem, but only intermittently. Do you have any ideas as to anything you do differently on good/bad days? Turning GPS on and off might have been a trigger for another user... No way to solve the problem as far as I'm aware (but NoDoze can help).

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