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    Woke up to my Sprint Pre 2 having a message saying something about exchange activesync having a security issue and needing to create a pin. The message locked my phone; I could not go into card view or access anything else... I have no hotmail or activesync accounts, so I was confused. After some hesitation, I inputted a code. The message went away, but then I had no accounts on my Pre 2. No emails, no calendar no sms or chat. Most programs dependent on accounts would open to a completely white card... So I restarted the phone... Now I'm seemingly permanently stuck at the webOS Internals penguin boot logo. It doesn't pulse.

    Is it possible for me to go a few months with out needing to doctor?

    Anyone have any freaking idea why webOS is asking me for an exchange activesync code when I don't have an account?
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