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    After an almost 1-1/2 year absence, I'm back on Treo|Central, now, apparently renamed "Pre|Central". Those days I used to wallow in Treo's and Centro's. After some unhealthy flirtations with S60 (yuck!), WM and Android it's the Palm Pre 2 for me, in my hands for just a few days now!

    Don't blame me, I stuck with PalmOS for as long as I could, and was just unable to get a Pre, stupid Palm wouldn't launch in India; they still haven't.

    Never mind that there was news that the Palm Pre 2 production had stopped the day I got it, and that the price had dropped (in the UK) to half what I paid for mine, and that it was soon going to be Enyo-time instead of Mojo-time.

    Oh well, my old login still works here...
    Game over!
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    I should probably have not got this phone... the day I got it the price dropped to half of what I paid, and now, the whole thing is gone!

    The problem, of-course, is that I simply love my Pre 2.
    Game over!
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    If it does everything you want it to then you will be good for a while. I'm not getting rid of mine any time soon.
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    Welcome back, GreenHex!
    "Everybody Palm!"

    Palm III/IIIC, Palm Vx, Verizon: Treo 650, Centro, Pre+.
    Leo killed my future Pre 3 & Opal, dagnabitt!
    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
    Got a Pre2! "It eats iPhones for Breakfast"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post
    Welcome back, GreenHex!
    Maybe it's time to say goodbye too...

    What HP is saying and the bloggers are blogging is way too confusing! And for some reason I'm feeling dis-oriented over here at pre|central, not like the good old treo|central.

    I now wait to install webOS on my PC/ Laptop.
    Game over!

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