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    Has anyone else had problems with connecting to Windows Live / Hotmail via the browser in WebOS 2.x lately?
    Trying the URL, it tries to reload a number of times and then gives up, giving you the message "Windows Live is unavailable from this site", 99% of the time...

    [EDIT: It seems that it works when you use GPRS/3G, but not at all when you use Wifi???]
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    How do you set it to 3G. I can't access hotmail or live either.
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    Yes , same thing with me. I can access my inbox with the Pre2's regular email app, but thats all. I have no data package, so wifi is all I can try with. Sounds like a problem everyone might be having with windows live, and not just me at least. I know I haven't had any recent updates from HP, so I guess Microsoft must have changed something.
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    Help please.....
    I need/want to sync contacts for these devices: pre plus, touch pad, win 7 desk top and xp laptop. I think windows live will work? right? The program "missing sync" has been a disaster for the pre plus and desktop. I just lost all of the contacts on the desktop and pre plus. I have an old copy on the laptop.
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    I've been trying to log on to the site on my touchpad and I keep getting an error... Has anyone else had the same problem?
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    yeah its defiantly an issue

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