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    Can't find this in the manual. Maybe you know ...
    In top right of title bar, immediately right of the icon for Wifi signal and left of signal strength I have a capital R.
    What does it mean?
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    Your phone is Roaming.
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    Well technically "R" means roaming which is to say that you are on a phone network different from the one your SIM card has been issued from. This would typically happen if you travel from your home country to another and start to use another network. The "R" in these circumstances is basically meant to let you know "please be careful you maybe incurring roaming charges".

    However, for a lot of us international users who live in countries where Pre's are not officially sold this "R" is meant to remind us that we are "intRuders" :-) The Pre requires a SIM card activation at the time of purchase and the SIM must be from a phone network where the Pre' are officially sold. After the initial activation is done you can change SIM cards but you are then left with this "R" for life because the phone always thinks the network you are now using is different from the home network registered on first use.

    I'm sure a patch could be made to correct this by tweaking the "home network" registered on device but it might also lock you out of the App Catalogue because this home network also ties you into which Geo restricted catalogue you have access to.

    I have just donated a little screen estate on my top bar to it and made peace with with my "R".
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