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    Hi there,

    I've been trying to recreate my Palm profile by doing a full erase.

    I have a UK Palm Pre2 with a dutch provider (Simyo) and I'm doing this in Spain (nice time to spent my holidat ;-(. My idea behind this was I might be able to download paid Apps after I create a profile in Spain (but I seriously doubt this based on other threats on that topic in this forum).

    After the phone restart I got a message that roaming had to be enabled. This displayed for at least 5 minutes and I decided to take out the battery.
    On the next restart I could sign in to my palm profile or create a new one. Both don't work since I don't seem to have an internet connection.
    Even setting my provider's (Simyo) manual settings for internet APN don't help.

    Basically I now can't set up my profile and can't use my phone anymore.
    And in the top right om my display I have, next to battery power and signal strength a symbol R that I couldn't find in the manual. Do you know what that means?

    If you have any clue how to get a working internet connection, being in Spain with a dutch Simyo SIM card, please help.
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    Just had the same situation on a Pre- running 2.1. Got stuck on the HP logo. Doctored & all is well again... The R symbol means the device is in Roaming mode.

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