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    I currently have a Pre Plus Verizon. It is quickly dying of hardware issues. Vzw is giving me a Pre 2 (Free, but upgrade). Should I get the Pre 2?
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    if you like webOS and/or want to share phonecalls with your tablet, then yes. My biz partner got this, I did have to put 2.1 on it via metadoctor in order for it to be stable but its now a real workhorse for him. He has many many emails and is on the phone constantly.
    On a recent trip his laptop mail exchange program crashed and took over 24 hours to repair, in the meantime he used his Pre2 as his main communication device without problems.
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    I am really happy with my Pre2. Definitely a huge improvement over the Pre Plus.
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    no such thing as free.
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    In terms of hardware quality and battery life the Pre2 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Pre. I still have a few reservations about the 2.1 My primary gripe is the email client. In my experience the email client in 2.1 is actually not as robust as 1.45 and actually a step backwards when compared to the Chattermail client in good ole PalmOS.

    I am still running a Pre- on 1.4.5 in parallel to a Pre2 on 2.1 and every once in a while my EAS (Exchange Active Sync) with a Lotus Notes server starts misbehaving (stops syncing for no apparent reason) on the 2.1 but emails continue to come in uninterrupted on 1.4.5. I have even seen this on gmail at times.

    At least 25-30% of my messages on 2.1 give me the "retrieving email text" and I have to wait anywhere from 5 seconds to a whole minute for text to appear. But I never see this on 1.4.5 on the exact same accounts. The two phones are practically clones running on different profiles with different OS versions.

    I'd say go ahead and upgrade to the Pre2 on condition that VZW still allow you to exercise the option to upgrade to a Pre3 on release with no additional riders.
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    I'm in the same boat. I've had a plus on Verizon ever since it launched, but my phone is dying. Had to use my upgrade and stayed with the Pre 2. Very excited for the upgrade, love webos and badly needed skype on my phone. The whole thing cost me under 60 bucks for the pre 2 and touchstone charger. I thought it was a good deal. Especially since I love webos, couldn't see going anywhere else.
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    Thanks for the advise. I did give up my upgrade but at least I can still remain a Webos lover. I absoultly hated the idea of going to Andriod or Iphone. After using Webos, Iphone is so backward. Gestures are a big part of what makes Webos great. Your right Hagster, "no such thing as Free" it did cost my upgrade...

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