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    I've been very satisfied with my Pre2 the past months, but you can never be sure until you have the ultimate test for your phone. And this test is the (*drum roll*)... hot Mediterranean summer and the beach.

    Screen - OK, we Pre2 users don't have the best hardware and we know it. However I have noticed that our screens are not afraid of light. My friend has the Samsung Galaxy S with the super sexy AMOLED screen, but I must say under the bright summer sun the Pre2 is better. At almost the minimum brightness I could read without any problems and I only had to increase the brightness when I had my sunglasses on. I am very surprised by the screen.

    Signal - Remote beaches are not the best covered places. However the Pre2 performed adequately. Again my friend's phone had some problems with the signal (although being on a different carrier is not good for comparison). I only had a problem with one SMS that was never received. As webOS seems not to think delivery receipts are important I never found out, until some hours later. Browsing the internets was OK, as was facebook etc.

    Heat - Well, I've noticed before that 3G coupled with multitasking makes my Pre2 a bit hot. Along with the hot summer day, that was not that good.

    Battery - Didn't notice any big differences. Although the car charger is a "must" if you plan to stay for many hours.

    Sound - Well I can't blame any phone when you cannot hear it ringing at the beach. On the other hand, as I was listening to music and reading I must say that the cheap Pre headphones are more than decent and that you can enjoy your music even if the people next to you are making noise.

    Camera - I'm not a phone camera lover. I never had a phone with a very good camera. I always carry a "normal" camera with me when I go to the beach. The pictures the Pre2 takes are not very good. However I must say that some of the pics I took were more than OK. The one is my reading in my Kindle and the other one is a cloud blocking the sun.

    So this is my unimportant summer edition "I like my Pre 2" topic. Be free to share your sentiments.
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    interesting. The closeup of the kindle looks a bit blurry, but the everything else which is further out looks very crisp.
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    Nice review, thanks for taking the time. You got balls though taking your Pre2 and Kindle on the beach with all the sand around.

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    Well for the Kindle it's not that big a deal. It is relatively cheap and you only need to push a big button for changing pages. If I'm not able to read while at the beach then it's no paper-book replacement for me.
    But you are right about the Pre. I was extra careful because the sand and also the salty water could cause problems.

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