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    I want an app to improve battery life. My battery decreased over 6-7 hours at a rate of 10% with wifi on, brightness near minimum, email set to sync every hour and one card open.

    I know wifi can be a massive drain so am looking for some sort of app that will switch wifi on and off according to the app's demands a amongst other power saving things.

    I have coma across mode switcher, will this do what i want it to?
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    Mode switcher is your best choice.
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    I have downloaded it but have no idea how to use it. It is too complicated.

    How do I set the wifi to switch on when an app requires it and switch off when not needed?
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    I found an example for the 2.x version for data on demand:

    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    For those on webOS 2.1, the release of Mode Switcher 2.x means that we can use this tweak to conserve battery. The good news is that MS2.x is a lot faster than 1.x and it's allowed me to dramatically simplify my "data on demand" mode. I now have 3 trigger groups:

    Group 1:
    Display State Trigger, State = Unlocked
    Wifi Network Trigger, State = Disconnected
    Battery Level Trigger, High Limit = 100%, Low Limit = 30%

    Group 2:
    Charger Event Trigger, Charger = touchstone, Orientation = Any
    Charger Event Trigger, Charger = USB Charger
    Charger Event Trigger, Charger = Wall Charger

    Group 3:
    Application Trigger, State = On Foreground, Application = NASCAR
    Application Trigger, State = On Foreground, Application = Pandora
    Application Trigger, State = On Foreground, Application = TuneIn by RadioTime
    Battery Level Trigger, High Limit = 100%, Low Limit = 30%

    Basically, the logic of my trigger groups is this:
    • Turn data on when the screen is unlocked, otherwise turn it off. But make exceptions for any apps that do streaming. If they're running, then leave data on.
    • Turn data on when charging.
    • If the battery is below 30% disable data

    I have an additional static setting (not managed by MS) where I disconnect wifi when the phone is sleeping. So when I unlock my phone and I'm in range of a wifi router, wifi comes up and connects. If I'm out of range of my router, EVDO comes up and connects.

    This isn't as battery efficient as draghon's original configuration. But it draws a nice middle ground between saving battery and making the user experience of the phone closer to what it's like when you leave data on all the time. With draghon's configuration, I would frequently get an issue where an application started, saw that data wasn't available, and then would quit before the data connection was established. (This happened a lot with Pandora.) But with this, by the time Pandora has started, the data connection has long been established from when I unlocked the phone. Anyway, it's working pretty well for me, and thought I'd share.
    Here's a thread with others' mode settings:
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I found an example for the 2.x version for data on demand:

    I think I can find another one for 1.x.
    Cool, thanks. i am sure It will be great when I get to grips with it!
    I will try that out and post back here.

    Appreciate your help!
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    you guys expect too much out of a battery on a small phone

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