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    I have fraken pre2 and gmail never seems to push the emails correctly. Sometimes it works but rarely. Microsoft exchange is not perfect but more reliable. Anyone else having this issue?
    I am trying to now set my pre2 to get email every 5 mins so I dont miss any.
    thanks for anyone with input
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    My 2 gmail and 1 exchange push perfectly- just sometimes I wont get the email recived beep right on time-- i get the light but not the beep till a moment later- kinda odd.
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    Could it be your connection? I know that when I'm on my university wifi and I use VPN to connect, push stops working, but when I'm on my home or work wifi or on 3G, push email works perfect for gmail and my university mail.

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    Does push email need an open port for notifications or something? If that's how it works, then one could see how push email might be sporadic depending on which networks you are connected to.
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    Yeah, I'm having the same issue since I bought my Pre2. Apart from this, WebOS email also doesn't support IMAP that's a big drawback for me at least. I ditched my Htc Desire for Pre2 because ever since I saw the original Palm, I fell in love and when (now) I got a chance, I immediately bought Pre2 but its email system has really disappointed me.

    So, for now I have borrowed BlackBerry from my friend and I'm using email from there and while using that now I clearly feel why people prefer BlackBerries. It may not be that flash as iOS or WebOS but it does emails, facebook and messages in a way, none other does. It's a breeze to type on BB's keyboards and get real time notifications of everything.
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    I found a 'fix.' have Ur email fetch new emails every 5 mins and you will never miss any emails. So far so great.
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    Gmail is set up using IMAP, isn't it? My university email is also set up using IMAP. My Pre 2 has no problems with IMAP at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    I found a 'fix.' have Ur email fetch new emails every 5 mins and you will never miss any emails. So far so great.
    Thread necromancy, but...

    Actively retrieving mail every five minutes is a pretty sure-fire battery killer. I had gmail IMAP IDLE push working flawlessly for two years with my Pre- with no noticeable impact to battery. Emails showed up within a minute or two of being sent. Originally had it set to poll every 15 mins and it was killing me, especially if I wandered somewhere with no data.

    Just researching on the forums now as I'm having a similar problem as the OP on my now-FrankenPre2 where the push isn't always working any more (email appears on laptop as much as an hour or two before reaching FP2) and I'm randomly asked to re-enter my gmail PW occasionally (yes, I saw the thread about captcha, didn't work).
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    Push email works fine with my AOL account which I believe is also IMAP isn't it?
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    May have found trouble in the gmail account settings as none of the other answers here applied.

    Despite still receiving emails from an incoming POP3 account, it had the wrong password to access that account saved.

    We'll see if that does it for me over the next few days...

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