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    Im waiting for my pre2 to come in the mail.
    when i get it, what do u guys/gals recommend i do first to it? Can i ota update it to 2.1? Or will i have to meta-doctor it?

    Cant wait to see what ya'll say
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    Are you new to webOS? The 2.1 update should be OTA.

    EDIT: Judging by your signature I assume you arent new to webOS. lol. You should know what to do then. Get Preware going and patch your phone up.
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    if you use google calendar apply the
    "Google Calendar Sync Behaviors patch" before you add a google account. This is the combined patch for google first sync issue and other sync issues.

    After that take a shot at Ubercalendar patch

    And then to search all calendar entries with JustType and view the results in Agenda apply the [2.1] Multiday Agenda app and Calendar search

    So that is just my favorite list for calendar enhancing on webOS 2.x.

    It would be perfect if the Create Birthday Events for your Contacts -App would work on 2.x but it seems to be more difficult that in 1.x.
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    Turn all your logs down, install patches that stop logging, etc.

    Install Preware and stuff!
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    Personally, I have left my Pre2 completely stock with the exception of few PreWare apps. No overclocking and no patches. Although I'm contemplating the installation mode switcher, which would work best with a patch to autmoatically start it up. I want to use it to enable data on demand mode and save battery.
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    I also have mine stock with the exception of preware apps

    I need a good screen protector- as I am currently useing what came on it, I just cut the top tab off :-P I need a coo screen protector that is not tacky/rubbery like InvisiSheild
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    I got a cheap $2 screen protector from ebay. I much prefer the boxwave protector I had on my pre- & pre+. Because that didn't require water to apply. But other than that, my cheapo one is fine. Actually it's thick enough that it minimizes the lip around the glass.
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    well I just received my new Pre2 now and using it to write this message. Big difference! This should have been the original pre.

    anyways, it came stock with 2.0.1
    should I upgrade it to 2.1?
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    Yes, upgrade it to 2.1, there are quite a few bug fixes

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    so since there's no official update, I would have to update thru meta-doc?
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    Where are the latest 2.1 instructions for verizon?
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    I thought there was an official update with the verizon for 2.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    Turn all your logs down, install patches that stop logging, etc.

    Install Preware and stuff!
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    I used the procedure from the pre+ to update to 2.1 (meta-doc) and its working great.

    what are logs?
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    I updated using the steps for the pre+. Believe the title was "how to install webos 2.1 on pre- and pre+" or something like that.

    what are logs???
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    oops. Sorry for the double post. I came here and didn't see my previous post so I just assumed it was never posted.
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    2.1 should be out for the Verizon Pre 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    2.1 should be out for the Verizon Pre 2.
    its not. I even went to hp's site and chatted with CS. They told me the latest version for my phone was 2.0.1
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    I got my Pre2 today and it had 2.1.0 on it.
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    I have also just ordered a Palm Pre 2. My previous PDA was a Handspring Treo 90. I have a number of applications and data stored on my PC from the Treo 90. Is is possible to transfer the Apps and Data to the Pre 2, so that the PalmOS emulator can emulate these apps? The Treo 90 OS was Palm OS 4.1 - is this even supported in the PalmOS emulator on the Pre2?

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