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    with the probable delay of the pre3 in general until the fall, and otherwise later release on vzw, I have been contemplating upgrading to the pre2 from my preplus...however vzw got rid
    of the one year contracts and I don't want to sign a 2 yr contract with that device. So I've been looking at pre2s on ebay but to my surprise, there are only 5-6 phones for sale and the lowest price is around $250. I figured since no one is buying the device that it would be available for lower like the pre plus devices are on ebay.

    any clue as to why they may still be so expensive? I'm just looking for a short term solution until the next webos device comes to vzw, which looks like october or later...
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    I got mine off ebay- BNIB with a used touchstone for 265$ shipped - all decent condition used I saw where at 250- even auctions always ended at around 250+ $ for a nice or close to new Pre2

    After useing mine for a few days I can say- its worth it, I am on verizon no contract and I can wait for the Pre3 to takes its time or wait for the LTE version that I am sure is down the pipe somewhere.

    All I can say about the Pre2 is drastically undervalued as a true upgrade from the pre-/+ phones - I lived with the form factor for 2 years- yes I want the larger pre3 but I can use this size and have been useing this size.
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    I would love to do the same. This is how HP could make it right. Offer the Pre2 (any radio) for sale to current Pre owners for a fair price ($100) then we could Frankenpre.

    I just won't pay 350 to do it, seems ridiculous.
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    Think back to when iPods weren't what they are today. You would get a 30GB iPod with click wheel for $299, and 60GB for $399. No apps, no browser, no touchscreen, no phone, no gorilla glass, proprietary hardware, etc etc...

    $250 is a great deal for this awesome hardware, even if you never activate it on a carrier.
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    its expensive only in the fact that I will upgrade to the pre3 within a few months and so I don't see value in spending that much for a device that will be replaced soon and that won't have much resale value when I do upgrade. I really wish vzw kept their one yr contract offers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    $250 is a great deal for this awesome hardware, even if you never activate it on a carrier.
    I think you're making the wrong comparison. Buying a Pre2 you can't compare the price against a 5 year old iPod. That's not what you'd buy if you didn't have a Pre2 available. You'd buy something much more modern for much less than $400.

    The comparison that the above posters are (IMHO) correctly making is to the competition of the Pre2, which, I do not think should include a 5+ year old iPod. For me, that would be a Verizon Pre+, of which I have already bought 2, one for $70 and one for $20.
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    I have been surprised by the going rate for Pre2 units as well. I guess low retail popularity coupled with high resale demand (by people like us) means they don't go cheap on Ebay. Haven't seen any at all on my local Craigslist.
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    Well, as soon as I heard about the Pre 3 delay I jumped on eBay, found a new-in-box Verizon Pre 2 + Touchstone for $250, and went for it. I figure I'll keep it until the Pre 3 comes out, and then hopefully I can still get some semi-decent amount for it on eBay. Or at least that's how I keep justifying the purchase to myself! That and the fact that I decided to hold off on the TouchPad until the software and/or hardware situation improves. That said, my Pre Plus from last February is still doing just fine while running webOS 2.1.
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    In order to justify the Pre 2, I'd definitely have to stay on Sprint which means a franken Pre 2 with no support and probably $300 out of pocket between the Pre 2 and another good Pre. I can get an EVO 3D for $200 and stick with Sprint. I'm Gold Premier and out of contract in just a couple weeks.

    Gotta be honest when I say there is no contest for me there.

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