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    Hi, I just migrated my profile from my pre plus to a pre2 , and now calls are not being recognized from the same address book.

    My guess is that since i'm no in the US the country number is no longer recognized,
    I saw in the settings the option for the +(something) customization, but my country is not available, and still selecting "other" calls are not recognized from the adress books.

    is there some kind of solution for this?>
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    This is a glitch in webOS 2 and is a major irritant especially if you travel to different countries and have contacts or receive calls from a lot of overseas contacts.

    In "System" -> "Regional Settings" -> "Phone Numbers" you need to pick the country where you live. You get a list of only 14 countries to choose from (I guess HP expected to sell the device in not more than these 14 countries). Now the problem is that if you pick "Others" all your incoming calls are interpreted by the phone as calls originating from a local number - it only takes the last 7 or 8 digits of the calling number and when you receive a call or text it is unable to cross reference these 7-8 digits to the +Country Code - Area Code - 123 - 4567 format in which most of us store numbers in our address books.

    Another strange consequence of this misplaced feature is that when you travel overseas you have to go back to the Regional Settings and pick the country you are in and reboot the phone for the regional change. If you do not do this it will again randomly not recognise calls or text messages coming from a number in your address book and show them as as an unknown caller for calls and just display the whole number for text.

    I took this up with Palm tech guys and they were aware of the issue but conceded that there is no fix for this yet.

    I don't know if anyone here can patch the "Regional Phone Settings" database to add more country codes and rectify this anamoly.

    I know this post does not solve your problem. But I just wanted other users to understand the problem you are facing because people within the listed 14 countries will not even know this issue exists.
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    This totally sucks, so there's no way to fix it? I use my pre for work and I can't live without knowing who calls me...
    seriously hp doesn't even care about international customers?
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    this is exactly my problem... I posted new thread earlier but this is better explained. I also have 2 friends with the same problem on pre plus 2.1.

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