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    hi forum members - i am a new user/palm pre 2 owner.

    how does one search an excel spreadsheet on a plam pre 2? (like the native "find" feature on excel).

    i export a small database to excel and import that file to my phone so that i can have access to the data while away from my pc. i used to this on my old phone (windows mobile) by opening excel and using the "find" feature.

    any help or ideas will be appreciated.

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    I would like to know how to do this as well.
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    ReBump this, I upgraded to WebOS 2.1 AND it's better in every way except I can't use it for work! Having to scroll through an excel list instead of searching through it is a HORRIBLE waste of time.
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    bump ---- somebody must have an idea or answer?
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    I opened up a spreadsheet and have not been able to find a way, I don't think it can be done unless someone can create a patch of some sort.

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