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    Hello all, I just activated 2 lines with unlimited data on verizon today- so come the pre3's announcement I can jump ship either way- I would prefer to stay on sprint, but I now have unlimited data in the bag for my wife and I on verizon- I can have doubble bill for a month or two till an announcement is made.

    Anywho, to my pre2 that I am looooovveeeeing- so fast, so great...

    Is Verizon Nav reallt 10$? its not for android and the reason I was given was "they have a real GPS built in" so does the pre!

    What is everyone favorite must have for the Pre2? in terms of patches etc?

    And can I use the hotspot from preware that I put on my pre- or is freeteather the best option?

    Thanks all!
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    Pre2 coming in the fall according to front page PreCentral, carriers not announced yet (this is not an official HP announcement)

    Verizon does charge $10 per month for navigation (on Sprint it is free with the package). You can check out Ndrive app and see if it is a good substitute.

    Use free tether or buy the mobile hotspot service from VZW
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    Also, any good cases/holsters and screen protectors? I like invisisheild- however I do not like the "tacky" or rubbery feel that it gives- I LOVE the glass on the pre2- i want to keep that feel the best I can yet protect the screen (even if its gorilla glass)
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    Congrats on your new Pre 2! I love mine as well.

    Once I get my replacement (first one had faulty GPS), I'm going to try to live off google maps. Hopefully webOS 3.0 comes to the Pre and Bing Maps is even better. This is definitely were Android shines, I love Google Nav.

    I was also looking around for cases, but since I use a touchstone and the Pre 2 construction is already rock solid, I've decided to forgo "protection".

    I'd definitely recommend freeTether.
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    Congrats on the new gear & contracts.
    I have a question for you about the plan you're on:
    Is this a multi-line, unlimited data kinda thing, or a couple of separate plans, each with unlimted data?



    p.s. probably not polite to ask, but what are the costs?(!)
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    congrats and welcome. Keep in mimd that the 'news' about the pre3 was not an official statement from HP, so keep a grain of salt with you.

    I have a pre2 on verizon, and it is an outstanding phone. I hope you enjoy it!
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    Plan: Verizon Talk+Text 1400
    Line 1: 110 + 29.99 Unlimited Data
    Line 2) 9.99 + 29.99 Unlimited Data

    18% off of the "First line" and 20% or 25% off of the "Data add on" for both lines - work discount (I know there are better, but the store rep wanted and took a pic of my work ID for file...alot more than sprint required!)

    We are not on contract- nor do I see a "activation" fee on my recipet that outlines everything.

    According to chat rep, phone rep and the offical "leaked" data change information (ref androidcentral) you can UPGRADE your PHONE after the 7th and RETAIN your current data plan - aka I can keep my unlimited data on both lines come whenever the Pre3 comes out- If the pre3 is on sprint- we will go back to sprint, if not then my wife and other lines will xfer to Verizon- unlimited data is a must for me and my wife (the 15$ exchange email fee is the back breaker- not the 2gb)

    The store was nice, and quick- but not rushed out the door.
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    Welcome, had mine since May 2, nary a problem. Verizon is much more of a stickler than Sprint, get used to it. But data reception is WAAAAY better!

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