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    So an odd problem here: Whenever i try to launch voice dial, it seems to crash most sound functions. Ie, there is no media sound, the sound on a phone call does not work, the volume buttons do not increase or decrease the volume (the silent switch does function, and the vibrate function works). The phone behaves like this until a reboot is done. This is a frankenpre using latest script as of Jul1.

    My pre- had 2.1 with the voice dialing working perfectly. so did i do something wrong maybe in my frankenpre?

    [Edit: Solved]
    I found that there was a system update waiting for me. After i completed it, voice dial works perfectly.
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    I had this same problem. I ended up disabling voice dialing, because I was having other issues with it as well (such as voice dial launching when I plugged in my headphones). Instructions for disabling voice dial are available on PreCentral; it was one of their tips a while back...just search from the front page.

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