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    I work for HP in the UK and recently we were offered the Pre 2 at 99 as part of the Employee Purchase Programme (EPP) (hence the massive influx of cheap Pre's on eBay!) but the offer vanished a few weeks ago. I emailed the EPP store today to see if they were expecting more stock and was told "the Palm Pre 2 has now been discontinued from the HP range"

    Looks like they're making way for the Veer and Pre 3....
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    Disappointing - the Pre2 is a tremendous phone. Yes, I am looking forward and will purchase a Pre3, but the Pre2 is wonderful.

    Not that I am surprised given the lack of advertising.
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    discontinued in europe isn't the same as discontinued everywhere.

    eventually they run out.
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    I'm not surprised. It was a matter of time.

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    It is a shame though! I can easily picture the Veer, Pre2 and Pre3 pulling along together as the S, M, L troika. The Topaz and TP can fit in the XL and XXL bracket. :-)

    I think all of the above form factors should be kept alive and just get the occasional HW and SW upgrades because there is a target demographic for each one. I for one find the Pre2 to be an ideal size for single handed one thumb/finger swipe touch screen usage, A Pre3 (to me) is not the right ergonomic size for single handed usage. Its not possible to reach diagonally across the screen and you invariably need to use the other hand or cradle the phone in two hands like most large slab phone touch screen users do. On the other hand for browsing, media consumption, games and those with reading glasses the Pre2 screen size can be uncomfortable.

    It's like cars they should keep each series alive and just keep updating the model every now and then.
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    Sad if the Pre2 is already discontinued. I think it's odd if HP has discontinued it before it's replacement is available. (I don't think the veer is a Pre2 replacement.)
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    Wasn't the Pre 2 just released about the time the Pre 3 was announced? Maybe HP just wants to shed old Palm stuff and get on with the new HP stuff quickly!


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    I gather the Palm brand is being phased out so removing the "Palm" Pre 2 is possible part of it.

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    Personally I would like a back for my Pre 2 with the HP logo...
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    Im not so sure you are correct there. I ordered a Pre2 from the UK (via developer program) and it was out of stock until last tuesday, when a new batch was expected in.
    Ive recieved my Pre2 and im loving it. Best phone ever!

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