My Sprint Pre was getting flakey. For a couple of months it would start to act like a headphone was plugged in while talking, various other things. Oh, I could not get iPhoto to see anything on the device. Something hardware wize was going bad.

Started trying to figure out how to do a Pre2. I got an AT&T Pre2 from the Gazelle store on ebay for $202. it arrived the same day that my Sprint Pre would not wake up in the morning.

Down to ATT store to get a family plan add-on SIM card to become part of my neighbors family. ;>. Texting is not free with ATT. But a tethering plan is available.

Question about the 2.1 interface. I cannot get the wi-fi/bluetooth turnon/off thing to come down from the main screen like I have become used to over the past two years. Opening the separate prefs applications is annoying. Is this the standard behaviour?

The phone feels much more solid than my original Pre; It feels good. Screen is nice.

I have not had a dropped call with AT&T but the signal does not feel as solid as Sprint here in New Orleans.

The 3G data light is always on. With the Sprint Pre the data light only came on when accessing. Is the GSM data channel actually always on and transmitting/recieving? That sounds expensive.