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    anyone else experience this. I'm not sure why this happens. Any leads.

    its a verizon pre 2 with and sprint comm board.. And I meta doctored twice . Still random crashes
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    Any one have any clues or history with this please respond
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    Savlanoot... Its a sunday & fourth of july weekend.. Not going to get many responses today..

    Pre2 no random crashes.. But I'm not meta dr'd

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    re create the meta-doctor & see if that helps. Could be a corrupted file in the old one.
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    maybe its because I'm creating this off macosx terminal.... Any suggestions... It seems that develpor mode isn't functioning properly... All services won't load ... Which leads me to believe one or more dependencies are corrupt... Any one who can help let me know
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    this is the reason y I don't do it besides the pre 2 being expensive. New software(2.1) means more people still for HP. Thes the whole point of software upgrades, to generate that profit. I had 2.1 and I don't know what the hype is all about. Same thing, same keyboard, same apps, same well you get the point. I'm really happy with my pre right now. It's amazin6 what it can do. I had the hype of 2.1 until I saw it with my own eyes I realized HP palm only bring minimal chamge to keep people attached to webos. I'm waiting for the pre 3. The screen on pre 2 and pre- is a joke. That's my only complaint. I need a bigger screen :/
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