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    Perhaps nobody has stumbled upon the root of the fault I'm about to identify, but I noted it when I got my original Pre approx 6 months ago. Having just purchased a Pre 2 I was anxious to test it for the same fault, but having just done so, it still remains...


    When typing a message quickly, if you hit 'space, C' the C isn't registered. Likewise, the same applies to V, B and N. All other letters can be typed a nano-second after hitting space without error, it seems to be an issue specifically towards these letters. I've noted a few other topics that highlight missing letters, but nobody seems to have noted a link - which is clearly towards the space command.


    Who knows, would HP ever respond to a given fault which has been consistant through the last 3 Pre models.

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    i think there was a patch to remove the delay that causes that.
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    I never noticed it until you pointed it out. It might be intentional so that you don't accidentally register a key when you hit the space bar. The space bar is centered below those four keys.
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    The two Pre+ that I owned were awful. All sorts of keyboard issues. I gave up on the first one (and WebOS) for a while just because of that. I was missing WebOS, though, and bought a used Pre+ only to find the problem was just as bad in that one. Such a bummer.

    I now have a Pre2 and have none of the trouble - including what you're describing. I can type quickly and at length and the only errors I have are from fat-fingering letters...I love my Pre2!

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