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    First: I am not computer savvy at all. At all. I know how to use terminal only because my dad showed me how to ping. Further than that I had no understanding of how terminal worked or what it did.

    I killed my Pre- a couple days ago from a drop. My local Sprint store told me that they have no replacements for the Pre- and that I should start looking at other models. I bought a Pre2 to play with because the price was killer a few weeks back, so coupled with the two events I decided instead of activating a new phone I would at least try to FrankenPre2 my phones together.

    I had been seriously debating sending the two phones to webOS world, but I could not manage not having my phone for a week or so while they did their thing, so I bit the bullet. I used my Mac mini, and started by reading the wiki over at webos-internals many, many times. I read everything I could, and then downloaded Macports and the developer tools. From there everything was automated. Open Terminal and copy paste the lines over. The first time through (I did a meta-doctor for my old(now broken) Pre-) it took quite a while, but the second it took no time at all. My only problem is that in the wiki for webOS 2 upgrade it does not have which "make DEVICE=" code to use for either Verizon nor GSM Unlocked. After extensively searching I found "make DEVICE=pre2 CARRIER=wr all" if I remember correctly. Which caused me to need to make a 3rd doctor when using "make DEVICE=pre2 all-wr" didn't work.

    The hardware part was cake. Just the six screws and a little pulling and prodding. The biggest issue I had with that was getting the keyboard tabs to slide back together correctly, but it wasn't even that hard.

    Just wanted to do a major shout out to webOS Internals for being gods of the webOS world. I will send a donation when my next paycheck gets here.
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    Super good news.
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    Totally agree. It is super easy.

    As far as the make DEVICE stuff on the wiki. Perhaps you misunderstood it. There are scripts that you run and the script does everything for you - including using the correct make DEVICE stuff. Here's the link: WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals Basic steps:
    1. install git
    2. git meta-doctor
    3. run the script

    At the end of that you should have a webOS doctor that you can use on your franken pre2.
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    Same here just finished the swap. Was infinetly easier than the pre plus sprint swap.

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    Yeah, I followed the directions step by step and it said to run the make DEVICE=------ script before running the ./script/ for the device. All it did was check to make sure that the doctor you downloaded was the correct one for the device you are going to use as far as I could tell.

    I'm getting mine skinned in carbon fiber(ghost armor) next week, and hopefully if I'm not too lazy I'll write a review.
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    Day 2 update...this thing is issues with anything

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    Where the heck did my easy button go?

    I used to have this huge red button that I'd smack every time I read a story like this.

    I must've lost it.
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    Its changed, it was replaced with a penquin background with webos internals splashed over the front

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