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    Hi everyone,

    Been a big fan of webOS, decided to sell the iPhone and get a Pre 2. I'm having trouble with getting music on the device. I dragged and dropped roughly 10GB's of music and put it into a folder on the phone called "Music". Everything becomes super slow and constantly locks up and it has even been restarting on its own too. Not really sure what's going on here, any help would be great. Thanks

    Edit: On Verizon with a Pre 2 running 2.1
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    Is your Pre brand new or used?
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    I have had a problem similar to this before on my sprint pre-. I decided to pare back the amount of music I installed on the phone to only a couple of gigs.

    Of course this was almost 2 years ago when I did this and I haven't tried loading it up since then.
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    I have a Pre 2 with over 10GB of music and I don't have this issue. Is the built-in music app seeing all of your music? Perhaps the media indexer is still indexing your music.
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    a friend had this problem, The Pre2 was defaulting to the lowest speed 300, had to reinstall 2.1 metadoctor
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    I find video streaming and Pandora slow down after a while. An occasional reset clears this up for me. Every couple days...

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