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    Looking to buy a Pre2 with working ESN for Verizon. Please PM me with any offers, and indicate the level of use the phone has been through and its condition.

    And for those that must know why I am not waiting for the pre3: My pre+ was lost and my wife's is in bad condition. I am already eligible for an upgrade and she will not be until December. I plan to use the pre2 until the pre3 comes out. Then upgrade to the pre3 and give my wife the pre2 to hold her over until December.
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    I just bought a BNIB Pre2 off ebay - but I was in talks with another seller who is selling a mint Pre2 Verizon that his fiance' no longer wants - it has had a skin and screen protector on it sence it was purchased and is a month old-

    email me if your intirested - he wants 250$ for it shipped - i will forward you his info

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