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    I just got the Pre 2. I currently oen an iPhone4, a HTC Desire S and a Xperia X10mini phones. I also have an iPad 2 and a Blackberry Playbook. I got the Palm as I am not happy with Android because of bugginess and fragmentation and although the iOS OS is quite nice it is so simple to use and so restricted it gets boring.

    I have to say I am very positively surprised with the Pre2 so far. For such an old phone it is both quick and fairly well built and WebOS is beautiful! I have not had time to explore the App world yet.

    Some things I have not managed to solve yet is this:
    1. I canīt find the settings for a sync schedule for email (i.e only off peak syncing, not nighttime").
    2. I would like to mount the phone as a drive on my iMac via WIFI for file transfers, is this possible?

    All help would be appreciated and also suggestions of goos apps to get.


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    For point 1 you want to look into Mode Switcher by Sconix. A patch that will give you way more than you have asked for. Requires Preware. See sub-forum Enlightened Linux Solutions for more details...

    Sorry can't help you with Item 2.
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    For 2) You have this app:
    I haven't used it, don't know if it's direct sync or via some webserver on the internet. Oh wait, this is PC only I see.

    Webosinternals offer more possibilities. I used SFTP over wifi, which is rather complex to set up. Maybe they've also made some progress with supporting Samba connectivity?
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    Thanks guys! Will look into setting the phone to developer mode. Any more apps in general a WebOS owner "should have"??

    Compared to iOS WebOs is a lot more elegant in so many ways I have just found out (updates, notifications, the messaging app etc.) If HP can only match the hardware I can see lots of people abandoning apple!


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