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    Where do I buy spare batteries for the Palm pre 2 in the uk?
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    I would also like to though. (not the "graded" tat on ebay)

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    It says Palm Pre and not Palm Pre 2. Do they use the same battery?
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    Yep, I have a Pre and a Pre 2 and the batteries are the same. Both BP1, 3.7V. DC 1150mAH 4.3Wh
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    Thanks v much.
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    Don't forget you will also need a battery charger! They don't come with a lead either so you will need to use the AC charger that came with your smartphone or another power supply.

    Palm Battery Charger - Palm Accessories only problem is they are out of stock of these and when I was looking for one on eBay I could never find one!
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    I was going to charge it in my phone.
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    Arh I see yeah you can do it that way to, I tried it that way for a few weeks and didn't like it in the end and it just didn't work for me hence I bought a charger

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